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acr paintings


Here is how the process at ACR Paintings works:

  1. Start at the "Request Painting" page and identify the type of oil painting you would like

  2. Click the "Request a Painting" button 

  3. Select a date that you would like to receive the painting

    • Normal turnaround time varies from two to five weeks depending on demand​

  4. Select the "12:00" time and click the "Next" button​

  5. Fill out your information and click the "Book It" button

  6. You will receive an email confirming your painting request.

  7. Reply to that email with a high resolution photo of what you would like painted.

  8. We will evaluate the photo to see if there are areas that are not in Anna's scope of painting

    • Anna does not paint portraits of people or groups of people unless they are in the background and not a distinct aspect in the painting​

    • Anna paints scenery, sunsets, skies, water, trees and certain buildings primarily

  9. We will adjust the photo to remove items not necessary and to make the photo exactly what Anna will paint and then send back to you for approval.

  10. Once approved, we will agree on the size (Usually small 12"x18";  Medium "16" X 20";  Large 20" X 24"

  11. Pricing:  Anna is looking to grow her knowledge and skill and all proceeds go to those areas.  We ask that you cover at least the cost of materials ($20 - $35) plus any other monies that will go towards her art teacher and events.  On average $50 to $125 per painting is what will help Anna develop her painting skills

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