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by  Anna Catherine Riley

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Anna Catherine Riley is six years old and started painting after watching a Bob Ross show with her mom and fell in love with his work.  After a few Bob Ross painting kits, and following Bob's lead on You Tube videos where he shows how to paint, Anna took off like she had been painting her whole six precious years on earth.


After her dad and brothers got back from a long trip to Europe, Anna and her dad picked out a few of the great photos taken in Budapest, Dubrovnik and Lisbon and painted them for her brothers.  This triggered Anna to get a painting teacher and start painting special pictures for family and friends and ACR Paintings was born!  The money received for her paintings go towards her painting lessons, supplies and painting field trips.  As a home school student, Anna gets plenty of time to practice her painting amidst her other hobbies of chess with her Dad, ballet and has just recently taken up the violin. 


With a world filled with electronics and media, Anna is setting the bar for her generation to stay focused on the arts, beauty and creativity!

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